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Sewing the Bettine by Tilly and the Buttons

March 24, 2018

Oh my gosh, you guys! I have been meaning to sew this gorgeous dress for a while now- and I’ve finally done it!

This sew was everything I expected and wanted it to be. I have read so many reviews about how amazing this pattern was, and I absolutely agree with all of them.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tilly and the Buttons- Tilly is a sewing blogger who also appeared on Season 1 of The Great British Sewing Bee. She pretty much won the hearts of all the viewers and this helped her kick start her own pattern company.

Her patterns are really well explained in simple terms, and there are explanations of more commonly used terms within the instruction booklet, just in case something isn’t familiar to you.

The Bettine comes with a few options: you can include tabs for the sleeve cuffs, and you have the option to add pockets (Who doesn’t love pockets!?)

I could go on and on, so heres a quick breakdown of the things I found helpful/was impressed by.

  • physical patterns come with a pattern instruction booklet, with clear explanations for each step, and a glossary of commonly used sewing terminology for reference.
  • Colour photos to follow along with
  • The patterns are actually made with a thick almost card stock like paper, rather than the usual flimsy/fragile paper that tends to rip easily. This thicker paper is fantastic for re-folding, tracing patterns without sliding all over the place and its just SO much more sturdier!

The cool thing about this dress is that you can use pretty much any type of fabric. Knit fabric works well (theres a write up on her blog if you decide to go down this road), rayon works amazing as it has fantastic drape and really accentuates the gathered waist. Or, you can also use a chambray or linen to create a more structured looking dress.

I went with a beautiful light weight rayon fabric, sporting some adorable dragon flies.

Below: you can see the amazing drape the rayon lends to this dress.

And ta-da, here it is on:

This dress was actually part of my MakeNine, so I’m happy to tick that off my list!


I’ll be making a nursing friendly version of this dress shortly. Im still nursing my 7 month old, so unfortunately this dress isn’t practical for me to wear out and about, but with a few snaps or buttons down the front above the gather, it will be the perfect nursing dress!

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