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First selfish sew of 2018 – complete!

February 26, 2018

Wohoo! My first selfish sew of the year is now complete!

I finished up the V9084 (Vogue patterns) shirt a few days ago and have only just now gotten around to taking photos.

I am SO happy to have finished this top. It was unfortunately not a fun sew for me,

I made a few errors with this shirt, and the biggest one was the fabric choice.

I knew as soon as i cut into the fabric that i’d probably made a huge mistake. This fabric called for a knit, and I used an unknown crazy weave looking fabric. I don;t even know what this fabric is, but it’s essentially a tangle of what looks like tiny embroidery threads. It frayed, it ran, it slipped, it hated me!

I used a navy bias tape thinking it would be a nice contrast..and it sort of is, but I’m not sold.

The strength of the bias tape was a little too stiff for the fabric and made the drape really odd. In fact, the skirt asked for so much fabric that it just sort of hung in an odd shape and really wasn’t as flowy as I’d hoped. I was hoping for more of a natural flow and what I got was bunched draping. If that makes sense?

Anyway, I’d consider this one a slight fail. Oops!

I’ve learned a lot from this sew, and I’llĀ  probably go back and sew the other variation that appears to be more of a peplum top.

I haven’t washed the finished product yet, so it’s still got washable fabric pen marks all over it. That said, below are some photos of it on, and hanging up.

Below is the front view. The drape just doesn’t seem to work with such stiff binding, and it really takes away from the natural drape of the fabric.


This would be a good pattern for a complete newbie to try. Its an easy pattern, and even the commercial pattern instructions make sense (and these things usually confuse me).

I would, however, recommend you chose the correct fabric as per the pattern instructions! Lessoned learned!

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